Here at Fortis Marketing we focus on getting leading brands and clients new customer acquisitions through a face to face market. Representing different clients across the market, we provide cost effective sales solutions for companies that are always in need of new customers. 

Based in Belfast, we are always looking to increase our clients customer base, while we have a lot of fun ourselves. Our main requirements for candidates would be; Fun, A keen drive to succeed, and a great willingness to learn. 

Heading 2

As a company, there are many things that we want to achieve over the next few years. 

With some of the clients that we are currently working with always looking to expand their organisations and goals, they are always in need for new customers. 

And as we have already had contact potential clients in the Southern Regions of Ireland, we are looking to expand into major cities across the UK and Ireland- such as Dublin, Cork and Galway. 

We are always looking for likeminded people to hit our goals with us!



What we provide for our clients;

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Guaranteed Return of Investment

  • Targeted Marketing

  • Cost Effectiveness 

  • Brand Integrity 

We also provide a number of things for the members of our team!

They include ;

  • Ongoing Sales Training

  • One to One Mentoring

  • Full Product Training

  • International Seminars

  • Access to a global network 

  • Exclusive Social Events